Good Night Steve!

You have inspired me for many years, I hope one day that I can raise up my own pirate flag to show the world what I am made of. I will truly miss your vision. Godspeed Sir!

My thoughts on VaultPress

Recently I posted that Automattic was in the process of accepting Beta testers into a new managed security and backup service for WordPress powered sites. The service is called VaultPress if you have forgotten and the service is set to run about $20 a month when it launches (though I have found other posts on the Internet stating other prices).

The reason for this post is that the VaultPress team recently announced that they started accepting Beta testers last weekend. Although I am still in the process of awaiting my invite but I thought that I would put up my thoughts for possible uses for the service. Continue reading My thoughts on VaultPress

Automattic announces new WordPress backup solution

The logo of VaultPressAutomattic, the folks behind the popular WordPress blogging software, have announced a hosted security bad backup service calledVaultPress. This service is supposedly offered to all current users of and now Automattic is offering this service to bloggers who self host their blogs. I use the backup plugin offered by iDrive but honestly I am not really happy with it so I am curious to see how Automattic’s offering will pan out.

The VaultPress site states that this service will cost around $20 a month for as many blogs as you want and that you will only need to install their plugin into your WordPress Dashboard. The service will also check all aspects of your blog in real-time and supposeldy to even include your dashboard settings along with posts, pictures, comments, and whatnot. Also, the service will eventually check your WordPress environment for zero day exploits (and other malicious attacks) and will work to patch these exploits and alert you to them.

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WordPress 3.0 ?Thelonious? is now out

The folks over at WordPress have turned out version 3.0 of their popular blogging software. This release is named after a famous jazz musician as normal and in this case the musician in question is Thelonious Monk who was a popular American Jazz player if you are not familiar with the genre.

This release has ,217 bug fixes and feature enhancements along with totally new additions such as a new default theme called Twenty Ten that replaces the previous default theme, Kubrick, which has been in use for 5 years or so. There are many other additions that you can learn about by watching the video below if you are so inclined! :)

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Ancestor Trailer

Here is the new trailer for Scott Sigler’s newest novel Ancestor. The book is up for pre-order and if your would like to know more hed on over to this for ordering details. I’m looking forward to tis one and this trailer is pretty awesome!

Some more tweaking

Just a heads up that in the next 24-48 hours my site may go down for you. I am doing some DNS fiddling so hopefully after then updates go out across the globe I’m hoping that the site is much, faster and will give my (gs) a bit of a breather. :)

Update: Looks like the site was down for about an hour and a half. Everything seems to be working now but I’m not sure what caused the outage so I will let you know what is happening once I know more.

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