Automattic announces new WordPress backup solution

The logo of VaultPressAutomattic, the folks behind the popular WordPress blogging software, have announced a hosted security bad backup service calledVaultPress. This service is supposedly offered to all current users of and now Automattic is offering this service to bloggers who self host their blogs. I use the backup plugin offered by iDrive but honestly I am not really happy with it so I am curious to see how Automattic’s offering will pan out.

The VaultPress site states that this service will cost around $20 a month for as many blogs as you want and that you will only need to install their plugin into your WordPress Dashboard. The service will also check all aspects of your blog in real-time and supposeldy to even include your dashboard settings along with posts, pictures, comments, and whatnot. Also, the service will eventually check your WordPress environment for zero day exploits (and other malicious attacks) and will work to patch these exploits and alert you to them.

Currently, the service is in beta but they are offering invites to bloggers. I have applied for the beta and I hope that I am accepted. I will let you know how I do but I am curious to know if your blog with WordPress and if so do you backup your content? If you do back your blog what service are you using?