My thoughts on VaultPress

Recently I posted that Automattic was in the process of accepting Beta testers into a new managed security and backup service for WordPress powered sites. The service is called VaultPress if you have forgotten and the service is set to run about $20 a month when it launches (though I have found other posts on the Internet stating other prices).

The reason for this post is that the VaultPress team recently announced that they started accepting Beta testers last weekend. Although I am still in the process of awaiting my invite but I thought that I would put up my thoughts for possible uses for the service.

1. Automated and real-time backups of all the WordPress sites that I manage. This one is pretty obvious of course.
2. Real time intrusion monitoring once this feature is activated.
3. Setting up new blogs should be much easier as I can set up a WordPress install that will be my baseline settings and whatnot. I can then “restore” each new install from the VaultPress servers and new setups should be much faster!
4. I’m hoping that the service will allow me to also backup to existing services like Amazon’s S3 but only time will tell if they will allow this. :)

So for my fellow WordPress admins who read this site, are you planning on using this service? Have you applied for the beta and what uses do you see for it? Also, are there any features that you would want from a service like this?

On another note, I hope everyone has a safe and fun 4th. of July Weekend! :)

Update: Looks like my wait is over, I just got my beta invitation:

Today is your lucky day, my friend, as you are now in possession of a golden ticket.

Your golden ticket entitles you to sign up to for the VaultPress Beta and safeguard your entire WordPress environment from the ravages of hosting issues, server errors, hackers and alien attacks.

Before you run out to purchase a lottery ticket on this already auspicious day, please take a moment to visit VaultPress and complete your sign up.

The VaultPress Safekeepers
Demitrious, John, Matt, Meghan, Michael, MT, and Paul

I will keep you update in my experiences with the service.