New WP Goodness

I noticed that WordPress is now up to version 1.5 so I have upgraded to it and it seems to load a whole lot faster and I think the new additions of better comment spam fighting and whatnot will be great! This new release is named “Strayhornâ€? “in honor of Billy Strayhorn the pianist and sublime composer who worked closely with Duke Ellington and wrote tunes like ‘Take the A Train’ and ‘Lush Life’.” If you waat to read more check out this page. Now I just need to put my mods to the index page back in. ALso, I will need to take soem tiem to get the recent forum posts and the iTunes playlist bits added back in but I want to make sure they won’t die horribly first. :) Let me know what you think by leaving a comment as my forums have gone AWOL for the moment. :)