I first started listening to Podcasts pretty early on in the Early 2000s. My memories are a bit hazy but I believe it was around 2004 when I discovered that someone had determined how to add file attachments to RSS. Since I was already interested in RSS I started researching the changes. This eventually led me to a Podcast called The Daily Source Code that was mainly hosted by Adam Curry. As time went on through various promos that appeared on the Daily Source Code I discovered more and more Podcasts that I could listen to had grown rather large and I have come to the conclusion that I may have a Podcast “problem”.

I have tried many different Podcast players over the years from iTunes to Pocketcasts on multiple platforms. I have settled on a really great player for IOS called Overcast created by Marco Arment.

Currently, I am actively listening to the following:

  • 99% Invisible
  • Accidental Tech Podcast
  • Afoot!
  • Analog(ue)
  • AppStores
  • Art of Charm
  • Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything
  • Block Zero
  • Crimetown
  • Download
  • Free Agents
  • Hello From The Magic Tavern
  • Incomprable
  • Incomparable Game Show
  • Incomparable Radio Theater
  • James Bonding
  • Kotaku Splitscreen
  • Mac Power Users
  • Memory Palace
  • Reply All
  • Robot of Not?
  • Scott Sigler Audiobooks
  • Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project
  • Song Exploder
  • The Kevin Rose Show
  • The Organist
  • The Secret World Chronicle
  • Sidedoor: A Podcast from the Smithsonian
  • The Talk Show With John Bruber
  • Thrilling Adventure Hour
  • Twenty Thousand Hertz
  • Uncivil
  • Unjustly Maligned
  • Welcome to Macintosh
  • What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law